Multi-lateral Stakeholder Engagement

We create dedicated spaces for various aspects of health and nation building for various stakeholders to engage, discuss and debate, and explore solutions to impending health challenges.

R & D Training

We facilitate efforts for research and public training by making key stakeholders partner for specific health projects. This includes conducting research, finding out health patterns, establishing process and framework for projects, and providing support for training and execution.

Health Communication

We support health communication and awareness through our various initiatives and using various tools including media engagement, public engagement, social media, and so on.

Publishing and Education

IHW Council publishes outcome reports and various others studies to further communication and education on various health related subject matters to a wide range of target audience from policy makers to public.

Public & Media Engagement

IHW Council works in the space to provide a larger social impact of various health efforts and make the nation aware of the criticality of making health central to all public discourses.

Campaign & Events

Through various drives and by creating unique communication and networking spaces, IHW Council endeavours to bring multiple stakeholders on common platform to inspire more work on the ground.


IHW Council provides organization and domain specific expert consultancy to all those who are related to health space in order to maximize impact of health efforts undertaken by an organization.