Ride For Saviours

January 18 & 19th 2024 at Dr Ambedkar International Centre, New Delhi  

The ‘Ride for Saviours’ is a unique initiative by IHW Council as part of the Gratitude Week, to express heartfelt gratitude to doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers for their unwavering dedication and selfless services during and beyond the pandemic.


This remarkable bike rally serves as a symbol of unity and appreciation for those who have selflessly served on the front lines, caring for others during challenging times. The rumble of engines will resonate with the spirit of gratitude as bikers from across the nation join forces to honor our healthcare guardians. Together, we aim to create a powerful display of support, recognizing their tireless efforts and sacrifices.


The 2nd Ride for Saviours will be organized on 9th July 2023, where bikers will unite in a powerful show of appreciation and support for our remarkable healthcare guardians at Constitution Club of India, New Delhi.


Join us as we embark on a memorable journey, where the rumble of engines resonates with admiration and respect!

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